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About me, Jeanette van Wijk

Clear, businesslike and with a big mouth! That’s how people might see me at first!
Oh yes, and with a big bosom and fat tattoos … But what if I tell you that a very small heart, an insecure side and thickest tears are never far away? What if I tell you that if I were a super hero, I would be the one whose cape gets stuck in the door?

My name is Jeanette! Proud owner of True Love Wedding! Wedding Planner and Extraordinary Civil Registry Officer! Logical, because this Sucker for Love, loves love, romance and wants to deliver quality in everything she does! You could describe me as a tad of rebellious, raw and romantic. Is that going together? Certainly!

Because behind that tough appearance is a person with a warm heart, with love for love, a romantic soul who loves nothing more than making connections. Life lives as if it were the last day because I know that sometimes life can be hard and unfair. In the past I have made choices that turned out not to be the right ones, but it has given me the best I could think of: a daughter and 3 sons who now live their own lives.

I like chic, real, beautiful exterior and an even nicer interior! I hate whining and peddling, generally don’t have enough days a week, but I like to make time for long dining with friends at home! I love luxury, labradors a cat called Bram and my own love Arjan that I married on Valentine’s Day in 2014! I get energy from people with beautiful plans (and also from new bags and shoes!) I am always on but if you place me with my buttocks on the beach of Crete then I will relax!

In addition to my work as a wedding planner and officiant, I work as an HR Manager at an organization that takes action for people who cannot make it on their own. A busy bee? Certainly! But because the world can never live without love, I founded True love Wedding in 2015! If I could choose, I would go for marriages that I can take care of completely and where I can connect love. In a place that suits you! And a marriage abroad is high on my wish list anyway!

My mission is to ensure that everyone can celebrate the most loving day the way your love deserves it! That’s what I’m going for! Shall we do that together?