“Dare to dream big!”

Congratulations! You are getting married! And it must be the best a day of your life. A day to celebrate your eternal love. Planning your wedding is a real job, believe me. Did you know that bridal couples spends an average of 300 hours planning their wedding? Next to your job, social life, family gathering of even your own family/household.

Sure, you can do this yourself, but how nice would it be, if there is someone who arranges everything for you? Someone who finds the perfect location that fits at all your wishes, which is available on your chosen date and there is enough space for your complete guest list. In short; someone who is firmly in control and arranges everything down to the smallest details – even at unexpected moments. The good news? Connecting all these elements is my greatest passion!

Wedding Planner Full Service

As a wedding planner, I ensure that your day runs smoothly with your wishes and dreams as a starting point. You have the ideas and I have the skills to make sure everything is correct and fits your budget. When you no longer see which choice to make, I lead you through the many options. In this way we ensure that you wedding day will be an unforgettable day, not only for you, but of course also for all guests!

Investment: starting at € 4.995,00*

Wedding Planner

Before I start working with you, I want to get to know you well. The most important thing is that expectations are equal. A number of things are essential for this. Think of a realistic budget, a mutual click, an open communication and a clear picture of the day itself. How do you envision it? Where do you want to get married? What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? My job is to advise you in all the choices you have to make. I like to think along with you and keep an overview (and not unimportantly; keeps an eye on the budget).

Investment: starting at € 3.750,00*

Master of Ceremony

Important to remember: nothing is too crazy! This is your day and it is my job to take care of that. How about a Theme wedding? Festival, Ibiza style or a glamorous party in Great Gatsby style? All ideas are welcome and together with you we make it a joy to remember. You give the input and I make sure everything is arranged and everything is correct. This way you can fully enjoy the day itself. Do you want to organize the wedding yourself, but is there a need for a master of ceremonies? I would like to help you to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!

Investment: starting at € 2.000,00*

*Prices mentioned on this website are starting prices and only apply to 1 day wedding in the Netherlands.
Prices do not include travel and accommodation costs. Do you get married abroad? Then I would like to think along with you and then make a tailor-made offer.